Huge Gourmet Cookies In Oven 3 pack

Huge Gourmet Cookies In Oven 3 pack

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Molly Bz is a gourmet cookie company that was started by a single mom in rural Alaska in 2018! She is known for her creative flavors and fantastic packaging! Molly Bz oven boxes hold 3 ea. of her gourmet cookies and are color coordinated per flavor!

The Boss Man- Ghirardelli white chocolate, frost with maple buttercream and topped with real smokey bacon. Infused with whisky flavoring.

The Tea- Ghirardelli white chocolate, earl grey tea, lavender, with a lemon buttercream drizzle, infused with vanilla. 

Royally Awesome- Ghirardelli white and semi sweet chocolate chips, fresh coconut shreds, salted macadamia nuts and spiced rum flavoring. 

Straight Fire- Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, cinnamon cereal, & cinnamon whiskey flavoring. 

Big Joe- Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate chips, fresh ground espresso coffee, and rum flavoring.  

Pina Colada- Ghirardelli white chocolate, shredded coconut, fruity cereal, buttercream frosting topped with more fruity cereal, and rum flavoring. 


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